Content Strategy


Virtual events require targeted strategies to engage your audience and avoid common pitfalls. Event Rhythm and our partners will help your event make an impact while guiding you through each step.

We offer virtual event content services that allow you to display meeting content virtually for your attendees long after the show ends. Our virtual content platform is an online content repository that works especially well for meetings or tradeshows with multiple presentations or exhibitions. With Event Rhythm, you can offer a mix of live and on-demand delivery over the course of several days.


What are your virtual event goals? With our help, you can accomplish your goals while delivering engaging content and presentations beyond a physical environment to anyone anywhere in the world. With scalable technology and industry-leading support – the stage is yours!


We offer complete, managed webinars that let you to sit back and relax instead of stressing over your content quality and availability. Our virtual event content services also provide privacy and security settings, allowing you to control access to your content. Don’t leave your virtual event content to chance – choose a reliable and scalable option. We offer a content library that houses an unlimited variety of multimedia assets.


Events are often remembered for the relationships they form and build. Just because your event is going digital does not mean that you can’t organize entertaining and impactful networking sessions. Virtual networking can be done anywhere, at any time, adding flexibility for your attendees and making networking easy and convenient. Create the space and opportunity for connections and watch the magic happen. Virtual networking includes forums, groups, a matchmaking feature based on interests, and one-on-one chats.


Part of the event experience is interacting with other attendees. As the event host, creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate is key to producing a successful virtual event. In fact, virtual events with interactive elements are more likely to be rated as valuable and worth attendees’ time. You’re in luck because a digital platform offers new and unique ways for attendees to interact with speakers, content, and each other.

Audience interaction tools include:
•  Live social feed to showcase interactions and excitement
•  Live polling to gather feedback and increase engagement
•  Q&A feature to encourage attendees to submit questions to presenters
•  Mini quizzes to further event engagement


Your audience should always come first, but sponsors are the backbone of your event. Whether in-person or virtual, sponsors should be woven into event advertising and content. Virtual event content allows you to find opportunities to connect sponsors directly with their target audience and allow them to share important information about their products and services. Virtual event sponsorship capabilities include:

•  Exhibitor directory
•  Website branding
•  Banner ads
•  Ad placements integrated within your content • Virtual 1-1 meeting chats
•  Virtual 1-1 meeting videos
•  Product demo webinars