Event Rhythm offers event entertainment services in Miami, Florida. Event entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any event, your guests should come away with an experience they will always remember. Event Rhythm has extensive experience in planning and producing events with all types of acts, entertainers, and live performers that are guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression on your guests!

From aerialists, musicians and close-up magicians, through to fire performers, cabaret acts, comedians and many more, we’ll find the perfect performers to suit any occasion.

We work with the most talented entertainers and performers in the business, ensuring your event entertainment will be nothing short of spectacular.

Working with you, our creative event planners will formulate and plan each element of your event entertainment right down to the last tiny detail, bringing together the various elements of the event and ensuring they work seamlessly on the big day.


We have an extensive portfolio of professional DJs available for all types of events and parties such award ceremonies, private events, corporate events, product launches and more. Whatever your taste & style we have professional DJs to suit your needs.


Whether you’re looking for a string quartet or a 14-piece show band, Event Rhythm has a range of award-winning live musicians and bands to suit your needs. Whatever style of music you are into, we can select the right live musicians and bands to meet your needs.


Nothing brings an event alive more than professional dancers. Whatever your theme, function or event, professional dancers bring the entertainment factor that makes a good event a great one. Whether you’re having an event for 50 or 5000, dancers are a sure way to entertain your guests and create an enjoyable experience. We have burlesque dancers, group ensembles, go-go dancers, belly dancers and more!


Circus acts are one of the most prolific themes that always works well at all and any type of events. Circus goes back to the 1700s. This visual performing art is unfettered by language barriers which makes it ideal for any audience anywhere in the world. Circus acts wow crowds and audiences with acts such as acrobats, trapeze acts, clowns, musicians, dancers, jugglers, magicians, tightrope walkers, object manipulation and stunts.

You can book our individual circus acts, pre-set circus show or have a bespoke circus show created especially for your event.


The history of fire performers goes back to the Ancient Aztecs who performed a fire dance dedicated to the god of fire. Today fire performers are sought after for their skills of manipulating fire. There are a range of fire performer disciplines such as poi, juggling, baton, fire eating, and fire breathing. All look spectacular when performed by a professional.

We have a range of groups and individuals who can freestyle or perform choreographed fire dance routines to suit your event.


Because variety is the spice of life! We offer an array of extraordinary individuals that have talents unlike those you have ever seen before. Signature acts ranging from clowns to muralists to animal charmers all bring a sense of mysterious intensity into any situation.


Living statues is a very popular art form due to the time and effect that goes into making a person seem like an actual statue. We have a range of living statues for all types of events. The artists pose as statues with such a realistic look that crowds and guests have no idea they are living until the artist makes a gesture, of which some startle people which makes for a great ice-breaker or amusement at your event.


There is nothing quite as mesmerizing as water performers, they put a spin on the arts of music, dance, and acrobatics by embracing the element of water. Our water performers include mermaids, bubble sphere performers, and synchronized swimmers. Schedule an entire performance in the water, or make any event a little bit more magical with a mermaid – your guests will have to see her to believe.