Let’s Get Virtual

Full Virtual Events

With video conferencing and webinars becoming the norm, it can be easy to fall flat when it comes to production. With Everlast’s remote presenter VR interface, you can host conferences with the same “wow” factor you and your attendees are used to, all in a virtual world. While other methods may require you to use specific platforms, our interface can pair with almost any existing web conferencing system. We would love to show you in a live demo.
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Remote Presenting


Everlast Remote Presenter Kits include a portable green screen, studio lights, a digital camera, laptop, microphone, and bluetooth headphones. All that is needed in one package that is shipped directly to the presenter.
  • Presenter receives and sets up equipment.
  • Everlast Team walks through the process with the presenters.
  • The presenter’s stream is sent through Everlast control room where graphics are added.
  • Broadcast is sent out to the platform of your choosing.