Live Virtual Meeting

Bring Life to Virtual Meetings!

Live Virtual Meetings are perfect for local, regional & national events and workshops. With quality event planning and technology, we add value to your Virtual Meetings!

Live Virtual Meetings can accommodate more than one presenter, stream remote hosts and guests, allow guests to collaborate, provide event analytics, and continue engagement post-event by offering the content on the platforms of your choice. In other words, weeks, months, and years after the event it will still be making an impact!

Live Virtual Meetings: Event types

Live Virtual Meetings encompass a wide variety of events, that includes but is not limited to the following:

Live Virtual Meetings: Event types

You get more when you work with Event Rhythm. We offer your event the following features and capabilities:

Virtual Set Selection

Augmented Video

Studio Broadcasts

How it works

Live Virtual Meetings give you full control of your event while providing you with the help of professional event planners and leading technology.

Prior to your event, your presenter can even receive a virtual meeting presenter kit. The kit includes a portable green screen, professional lighting, digital camera, computer, microphone, and wireless headphones. Your presenter will have all the equipment and information they need to setup a successful live virtual meeting.

Next, our team will walk through the setup process and technical details with the presenter. The event will be streamed through a production control room with high-quality, customized graphics added.

After the recording is completed, you will choose the platform(s) to share the recording of your event on. Live meetings are compatible with all popular streaming platforms, including YouTube, Zoom, and Skype.

Partner with us for your upcoming Live Virtual Meeting!